Five italian artists at Shenzhen Biennale

Five italian artists at Shenzhen Biennale

May 11 – July 30, 2018
Shenzhen Bay Park, Luohu Art Museum
Shenzhen’s very first large-scale international contemporary art biennial was announced today.Five artists based and active in Italy: Maurizio Donzelli, Arthur Duff, Alberto Gianfreda, Francesca Pasquali e Laura Renna have been selected to show their work.Dedicated to the theme “Open Source”, curated by Gary Xu, Zehui Tang e Janet Fong, Shenzhen Biennale will be held in the Shenzhen Bay Park and in the Luohu Art Museum and is supported by the Shenzhen Government and partially by the Shenzhen Cultural Development Funds.

The theme of the Biennale is “Open Source”: a clear derivation from the hypertechnological world, it is through this concept that the curators believe that the individual and collective identities of the city of Shenzhen can be understood, and manifest itself in all of its different facets. On the one hand, Shenzhen is indeed China’s most high tech venue, mega companies there such as Tencent and Huawei. On the other hand, metaphorically speaking, Shenzhen is “Open Source” as it is an historically powerful trading, economic, technological and social platform.

Starting from this premises Donzelli, Duff, Gianfreda, Pasquali e Renna have reflected, conceived and designed five monumental, public, site-specific works, entirely produced by the Shenzhen Biennale, that will be exhibited in the two venues of Shenzhen Bay Park and the Luohu Art Museum.

The Biennale curatorial team has worked on these five site-specifc projects with Ilaria Bignotti and Alice Cazzaniga as advisory consultants, Marignana Arte as reference gallery to Donzelli, Duff, Gianfreda and Renna (support gallery to Pasquali) and Melania Raimondi as curatorial assistant.

Artists participants from China: Zhong Biao & Yan Yonghong, Fan Bo, Zheng Lu, Shen Shaomin, The Tabletop Group, Yin Yanming, Ma Yansong, Chen Wenling, Jing X. Hu, Zhang Zengzeng, Xu Zhuoer, and others.

Artists participants from other countries: David Cerny (Czech), Maurizio Donzelli (Italy), Arthur Duff (USA), Alberto Gianfreda (Italy), Yohan Han (Korea), Damien Hirst (UK), Anthony Howe (USA), Claude Lévêque (France), Francesca Pasquali (Italy), Chiharu Shiota (Japan), Charles Lindsay + Shaoyu Su (USA), Laura Renna (Italy), Stella Zhang (USA), and others.

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